Building a Resilient Global Bioeconomy Through a Regional Partnership.

Carinata (Ethiopian mustard), a nonfood oilseed brassica is a dedicated feedstock for renewable jet fuel, diesel and other bioproducts. In the southeastern United States carinata can be produced as a cool season crop covering millions of acres of winter fallow land. The meal from carinata seed can provide a high-protein feed source for livestock. These characteristics make carinata a promising cool season crop that provides agronomic, environmental and economic benefits to producers.

SPARC Workstreams


  • SPARC advisory board with steering-committee members
    June 6, 2018
    SPARC PLUG May 2018
    SPARC Plug
    Message from the Executive Committee Is it spring yet? It depends where you are, but regardless of where we have...
  • Carinata in full bloom at a producer's field in GA
    February 3, 2018
    SPARC Plug January 2018
    SPARC Plug
    Message from the Executive Committee The Southeast Partnership for Advanced Renewables from Carinata-SPARC is only six months old but, has...