Research/Extension Products

2018-19 Production Guide

Carinata and canola response to nitrogen nutrition

Carinata dry matter accumulation & nutrient uptake response to nitrogen

Carinata seeding rate and row spacing

Carinata tolerance to preemergence and postemergence herbicides

Creating Predictive Weed Emergence Models Using Repeat Photography and Image Analysis

Management of Frost Damage in Carinata

Site-suitability and production potential of carinata based sustainable jet fuel in the SE US

Swathing & Desiccant use for carinata harvest

Thermotolerance classification of carinata genotypes using germination assay and vegetative growth parameters

In pursuit of a homegrown biofuel
Carinata growth, yield, and chemical composition responses to nitrogen fertilizer management

Biochemical conversion of carinata biomass to organic acids

Carinata biology and agronmy as a biofuel crop

Carinata for integrated weed management

Hydrologic and water quality effects of landuse change to winter carinata

Tillage & seeding rate effects on carinata production

Carinata meal & ruminant metabolism

Carinata meal feed study on beef heifers

Carinata meal protein characterization.pdf

Micronutrients for carinata

An overview of the Carinata Bioeconomy

CROPGRO model to simulate carinata growth and development

Physiological analysis of carinata growth and development

Break-even price and carbon emissions of carinata-based sustainable aviation fuel production in the Southeastern United States

Winter Weed Emergence during Carinata (Brassica carinata) Production

Occurrence and biology of pests associated with carinata

Final Report – Logistics Optimization Models Employing
First Mile-Last Mile Analysis