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Agrisoma Biosciences, Inc. is an agricultural company that has commercialized carinata, for sustainable production of both biofuels, and animal feed proteins. Agrisoma sells carinata seed varieties optimized for advanced rotation and double cropping strategies that maximize Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions savings to growing programs located on several continents. Agrisoma has developed partnerships with public research organizations, producers, oilseed processers, and biofuel producers to create the market for carinata, and uses advanced crop improvement technologies to provide superior crop varieties to growers. For further information about carinata, Agrisoma and its technology, collaborations and partnerships, please visit agrisoma.com and growcarinata.com.

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Applied Research Associates was founded in 1979 and is an employee-owned scientific research and engineering company dedicated to solving critical national problems to improve our safety, security and way of life. ARA has earned significant recognition in National Security, Transportation, Energy & Environment, and Health & Human Safety and has set standards of excellence in service and technology that extend into new territory. ARA is the company that government and industry turn to for innovative technologies and solutions with employees who have the expertise to tackle the most challenging technical problems. For more information about ARA’s Biofuel Initiative go to: ara.com/fuels.

Since 2006 the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI) has sought to enhance energy security and environmental sustainability for aviation by exploring the use of alternative jet fuels. CAAFI is a coalition of airlines, aircraft and engine manufacturers, energy producers, researchers, international participants and U.S. government agencies. Together these stakeholders are leading the development and deployment of alternative jet fuels for commercial aviation. CAAFI’s goal is to promote the development of alternative jet fuel options that offer equivalent levels of safety and compare favorably on cost with petroleum based jet fuel, while also offering environmental improvement and security of energy supply for aviation. For more information visit caafi.org.